About us


Shnag Architects – an Architecture Design Firm – was founded in 2006 by its Founder Sherif ElNagdy, who happens to be the Architecture Consultant / Chief Designer. The firm specializes in Urban, Architecture, and Interior Design for various building types; Residential, Offices, Medical, Hospitality, Educational and Commercial.


Designing for lifestyle to allow our clients to experience a better quality of their life according to their living style at home or at work.


Years of work in Egypt, with strict regulations governing natural ventilation, daylight, and energy consumption has long inspired us toward energy and environmental performance in our design process. The development and application of new materials and technologies


Is to create a strong sense of “place and provide smart, creative, and practical design, that allows for the best quality to give the best investment of values for corporates, developers and individuals.


Great buildings have simple rational diagrams that are the essence of their organization. That diagram is a catalyst for all subsequent design decisions and development. We focus on clear organization of public and private spaces.



I believe that the design of spaces either Architecture or Interior is actually
a design to enhance the Lifestyle of the occupants, thus, Materials, Colors,
Lighting, Furniture, are all tools, well arranged in the mission of expressing,
enhancing and elevating the Lifestyle of Our clients.

“Design for lifestyle”


Sherif ElNagdy