What to look for when buying your new Villa Off-Plan ?

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Consult an Architect before buying your next property

What to look for when buying your new Villa Off-Plan ?

These days buying your new house off-plan is very common, because you get lowest price, you get many choices and of course payment plans are very flexible compared to re-sale houses, but you need to be very focused when starting your selection.

 From an Architect point of view, you need to be very determined about space needs, and do not just follow a trend, because this is a long-time investment and if you plan to live in it, it is long life experience, so make a checklist of your occupants’ number, age, needs, and don’t forget their Taste as well.

 First of all, Area is not everything do not run after large areas disregarding:

 ·         Orientation: Bedrooms should get the most sunlight in the morning, Reception and back yard should get the sunlight in the afternoon.

·         Street width: Wide streets are more comfortable, and will be an additional option to your house either during living in it, or if put on the resale market, always try to select your villa looking over a wide street.

·         The View: Who does not like a nice view!….check the best view you can look over it.

·         Lake or Lagoon view: Despite this amazing view option, and that many real estate developers make it a strong selling point, ask first about the maintenance plan, because if the developer isn’t very clear about it, you can suffer from bad smell and insects, and this amazing view can turn to downside to your house.

·         Facilities: : You don’t need to stay in a nice compound but isolated from your daily needs, check on the commercial center, that should contain at least the basic services; supermarket, pharmacy, clinic.

·         Technical Services: You need to check on weather the compound has the basic tele-communication connections that will connect you to the internet and get the best satellite services, Natural Gas, Trash collecting services..etc.

·         Width: The villa width should not be less than 10 meters wide minimum, less than that the villa will be more like an apartment.

·         Corridors: the less corridors, the more efficient floor plan, and the less waste in areas, too long corridors is a big waste to your valuable square meter.

·         Natural lighting: Check the facades design, to know the size and location of the windows, that fits your weather conditions.

·         Basement: If you are going to get a basement as an extra option, you need to know exactly what you are planning to use it for, as it will affect the villa price, and the running expenses to your house on the long term, if you are reluctant about it, do not get a basement and save your money.

And after all, if you feel that these are too many details for you handle, you can simply consult and Architect / Interior Designer before closing your purchase, and get a full report about the above and even more details, to make up your mind and take the right decision on solid ground.